Prior to executing the transaction, Purchaser will be required to acknowledge and or execute specific agreement(s) as by Seller and until all agreement(s) are acknowledged and executed to Seller's satisfaction. The following is one such agreement. I hereby agree to purchase the following vehicle from Classic Auto Rod, LLC ("CAR) under the accompanying terms and conditions: Based on the terms and conditions set forth on the following agreement known as the RETAIL BUYERS ORDER, Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to purchase this motor vehicle.


Congratulations on your decision to purchase a classic vehicle from Classic Auto Rod. Many believe that vintage motor vehicles from the 1950’s through 1970’s are enjoyable classics from a fun, bygone era. Many also believe that more modern domestic and foreign vehicles are instant classics too. Whichever vehicle you choose to purchase from CAR as a new or returning customer, we hope your experience exceeds your expectations.
Please feel free to inspect the vehicle, classic or otherwise, that you have decided to purchase. It is important to CAR that you inspect the classic vehicle that you have decided to purchase. We encourage you to even hire your own inspector to make an inspection of the vehicle that you are purchasing. If you choose to have an inspector visit our showroom to inspect a vehicle that you are interested in acquiring, we will make every effort to make that vehicle available for inspection at our showroom. These motor vehicles may come from a vintage time period. Chances are, some classics do not drive as smoothly or with the same level of comforts, conveniences or reliability as a new car. However, that can be part of the charm of owning one of these cars. The vehicle that you have chosen to purchase is sold “As-Is” and in its present state of preservation unless CAR agrees in writing to perform specific repairs or improvements noted on this RETAIL BUYERS ORDER. No implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is given. That’s why we encourage you to examine the vehicle to ensure your satisfaction before you purchase your automobile.
This RETAIL BUYERS ORDER becomes effective once both you and CAR sign it. Once we both sign it as buyer and seller, then this agreement becomes a contract between us. If you have any questions or comments about the terms set forth in this agreement, then by all means consult with an attorney. We want you to feel confident that you have had sufficient time to conduct your own, independence due diligence to make sure that you feel good about your decision to purchase this classic vehicle.
Originality Disclaimers: CAR is not the original owner of the vehicle that you are purchasing, so we cannot be certain as to the original options and appearance of this vehicle when it left the factory and delivered to the original selling dealer. Nor can we be certain how this vehicle may have been changed or modified after it left the manufacturer until now. CAR will always show good faith and fair dealing when describing this vehicle. We have made an honest attempt to accurately describe the year, make, model and even some possible options of this vehicle. While we are happy that you choose to examine the vehicle yourself or through your own qualified inspector, CAR cannot and does not guaranty that the engine, transmission, differential, frame or other coded components, colors and finishes or countless other elements are truly original to the classic vehicle that you have agreed to purchase. Much can happen to a vehicle from the time it was purchased by its “original” owner.


The terms and conditions below are part of the RETAIL BUYERS ORDER that you agree to that you have signed with CAR. You are encouraged to read them before you sign this agreement. This is a legal document. If you have any questions that you do not feel as though CAR has adequately answered, feel free to seek legal advice regarding your rights and duties under this agreement. WE WANT YOU TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR DECISION TO PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM CAR.

  1. The vehicle described on the reverse of this page is being sold to you in “AS-IS” and “with all faults” condition, and CAR hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of this vehicle. Further, the undersigned buyer acknowledges that he/she is not relying on any representation in purchasing this vehicle other than those factual representations sets forth in the RETAIL BUYERS ORDER.
  2. CAR does not engage in or condone the alteration of a vehicle’s odometer reading. However, CAR will not investigate whether a classic or modern vehicle has had its odometer reading altered, or whether such reading is accurate. When CAR acquired the vehicle that you are purchasing, CAR relied on the odometer disclosure provided by the seller. Purchaser understands that CAR has had no control over what may have been done to the odometer by previous owners. CAR will provide the name and other identifiers of the individual or entity from whom CAR purchased the vehicle and to provide purchaser with information as to how he/she may contact the previous owner/s as known by CAR if Purchaser so chooses, and to ascertain from the Department of Revenue the mileage shown on the odometer on any previous transactions concerning the vehicle. CAR may not conduct a search of owners prior to the owner who sold the vehicle to CAR.
  3. Arbitration of Disputes. In the event that any dispute, difference, disagreement or controversy of any kind or nature between the Purchaser and CAR arising out of or in connection with the purchase of the vehicle, accessories or other part covered by this RETAIL BUYERS ORDER arising by and between Purchaser and CAR, such dispute, difference, disagreement or controversy shall be referred to a single arbiter selected by Sellerand such dispute, difference, disagreement or controversy shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the then prevailing commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbiter, against Purchaser may be entered in any court having personal and subject matter jurisdiction thereof, and if against Seller the judgment may be entered into a court having jurisdiction in Jackson County, Missouri.
  4. Purchaser, before or at the time of Purchaser’s purchase of the vehicle set forth on the opposite side of this RETAIL BUYERS ORDER, will execute such forms of agreement or documents as may be required by the terms and conditions of payment indicated on the front of this RETAIL BUYERS ORDER.
  5. If a vehicle has been traded in as part of the consideration for the vehicle ordered by Purchaser, and such vehicle is not delivered to CAR until delivery to Purchaser of the vehicle purchased by Purchaser, such trade-in vehicle shall be reappraised at that time and such reappraisal value shall determine the allowance made for such vehicle. If such reappraised value is lower than the original allowance therefore shown on the fact of this RETAIL BUYERS ORDER, Purchaser may, if dissatisfied therewith, cancel this RETAIL BUYERS ORDER, provided, however that such right to cancel is exercised prior to delivery of the vehicle ordered hereunder to the Purchaser and surrender of the traded-in vehicle to CAR.
  6. Purchaser warrants that the traded-in vehicle is his/her property, as the case may be, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances except as otherwise noted on the title. Purchaser understand that the delivery and assignment of the certificate of title to any traded-in vehicle is an integral part of the entire sale transaction expressed in this agreement. If purchaser does not simultaneously assign and deliver the certificate of tile at the time of the trade-in, or fails to do so within fifteen days of the trade-in, seller may (at CAR’s option): (1) cancel the sale/purchase order and exercise any and all remedies under law including repossession, or (2) treat the sale in every respect as if no trade-in took lace and revise the purchase price for the ordered vehicle accordingly. In such cases, Purchaser’s trade-in will be returned upon payment of the reasonable charge for storage and repairs, if any.
  7. Severability. The provisions of this Agreement are severable, and if any of the provisions shall be held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, such holdings shall not affect or impair any other provision hereof.
  8. The jurisdiction of this agreement is Jackson County, Missouri.
  9. CAR may require Purchaser to provide evidence of insurance satisfatory to CAR before CAR will release vehicle to Seller or Seller's agent.
  10. Vehicle must be paid for in full within 3 days of auction end.
  11. Bank Wire shall be the only acceptable means of payment unless specifically agreed to by CAR.

Fee and Tax Information:

Purchaser shall pay any and all postal/currier charges if applicable, sales taxes and or fees including but not limited to the issuance of any temporary plates and or regulatory fees.

Cars are sold with no warranty express or implied except warranty of title and free of lien. Your purchase can be contingent upon inspection and satisfaction that is as pictured, described, and represented or can be sight unseen. I suggest you either personally inspect or retain a professional mechanic or professional appraiser to inspect. If you purchase sight unseen and waive personal or professional inspection there is no refund. I will store for a reasonable time. You are responsible for transportation.

Cars are not new cars but used cars. You should expect normal wear and tear associated with an old car. Especially with original cars which have not been restored there are imperfections in body, interior and mechanics. You should anticipate repairs and maintenance. Although I will not intentionally misrepresent cars my representation may be different than your expectation. Although I attempt to describe and picture cars accurately my perception may be different than your reality.

I have collected cars for many years and consider them investments both for enjoyment and for profit. I observe several things which prevent purchase, enjoyment and profit with cars. Some buyers look at the parts not the car. They should evaluate the car as a whole and not in pieces. Even though it has several minor flaws, put them in perspective to the many major qualities of the car. Some buyers refuse to pay a reasonable market price for the car always trying to purchase below the market. Consequently they never buy a car and do not get the enjoyment of ownership or appreciation in value. Some buyers buy a lesser quality restored car and do not get the appreciation in value they would with a higher quality original car. The ultimate car is a one owner, low mileage, all original car.